BBQ Competition_Final Four

For those of you who couldn’t make it out for Sunday’s Final Four victory… here’s what you missed:

Come one, come all!! Team Wild Card is back for a third helping of massive amounts of meat with an extra serving of delicious. This Sunday’s Carnivorous Carnival will showcase… you guessed it: everything on a stick! Bite-sized sideshows to include shockingly sadistic skewed flesh and a slew of slutty veggie vignettes. Join us under the Big Top and delight in wonder as this team attempts to razzle dazzle your taste buds.  Brought to you by the twisted trio: the Freakmaster, the Cougar Tamer, and the Strongman; this team of High Class Trash is ready to serve you right… in the mouth.

this hunk of meat to be... chimichurri beef skewers

rosemary lemon chicken skewers

shrimp wraped bacon with spicy BBQ sauce... a couple have gone missing from this stick... yeah, they're in my mouth

sweet chili thai sauce for the tofu

rosemary red 'potato salad' on a stick

wasabi potato salad dressing

drunken fruit skewers... soaked in malibu rum (shout out to my high school girlfriends!)

caprese salad on a stick

caramel-henge prep station

welcome to the land of caramel apples

though they melted a bit... they were still delicious... and fun

We had a blast! We’re gonna bring it ONE MORE TIME this Sunday at Project Parlor from 2ish pm to 9pm.  This week Cajun food! Oh, yeah!



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