BBQ Competition

This summer my roomies and I have been involved in a BBQ competition at our favorite Brooklyn bar, Project Parlor.  16 Grill-Masters started off at the begining of the summer competiting head-to-head each Sunday.  Team Wildcard (that’s us) is now in the Final Four.  Here is some food porn from our last winning round for your mouth watering pleasure.

yes, that is a suitcase full of uncut brisket
and the after… smoked for 8 hours with cherry and mesquite wood
no southern inspired BBQ could go without collard greens
and no respectful southern belle would leave out the brown sugar and pork
we could not neglect our veggiesauruses
suffing for the peppers included some of my favorite veggies… with a nice spicy kick to your mouth
and for the sweet tooth: banana hammocks served with graham cracker scooper
we even made our own High Class Trash merchandise

The next throw down is Sunday, August 28th at Project Parlor from 3pm-9pm. We’ll have a whole new party for your mouth ready and waiting.  Hope to see you there!


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3 Responses to BBQ Competition

  1. nellie says:

    please send recipe for said banana hammocks. holy moly those look awesome.

  2. Teresa says:

    mmm collards

  3. Marti says:

    fa real! great idea!

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