tree for chistmas

so here’s the tree i made for christmas from what i had laying around the house, except for the branch… which i dragged for many blocks.

wrapped the branch in paper mache

drew the tree on the wall… (the roots are shown here)

created ornaments from left over party memories (pipe cleaner creatures from house warming, halloween costumes, thanksgiving table decor, and trace paper from a fun game of pictonary/charades) and then added the bird’s nests

put them all together, string up the lights, and hang the stockings with care (or in this case a retired pair of your roomie’s shoes)

we added more items from our new year’s eve james bond party (hence the guns and handcuffs)… and instead of calling it a tree for christmas… it is now our house friend(ship) tree… where we will keep adding to the memories… cheers!

STAY TUNED FOR MORE ‘DRAWING ON WALLS’ at 31 Vernon… this was too much fun not to do again…


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3 Responses to tree for chistmas

  1. nellie says:

    this is the most amazing thing i have my life.
    seriously. way to go kendra! I can’t wait to see the metamorphosis of this thing

  2. kmkarwacki says:

    Soooo….perhaps if I cut my hair I can donate it to the tree rather than locks of love 🙂

  3. Inspirational and so….YOU! Lets see more!

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